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We have represented a variety of companies, from family-owned small business to Fortune 500 corporations.  We are equally comfortable representing plaintiffs who are enforcing and pursuing their rights, as we are representing defendants who are protecting and shielding their assets.

In recent commercial litigation cases, we have secured a jury verdict in the amount $3.996 million, an arbitrator's award in excess of $1 million, and multiple other verdicts, judgments, and settlements in the six- and seven-figure range.

General Commercial Litigation Appellate Cases


Appellate Practice - General Commercial Litigation

Cronan v JP Morgan Chase Bank, N.A., 336 Ga. App. 201, 784 S.E.2d 57 (2016).  Dismissal of our client's claim to quiet title reversed.

Textile Rubber & Chemical Co., Inc. v Thermo-Flex Technologies, Inc., 308 Ga. App. 89, 706 S.E. 2d 728 (2011).  Issues:  Complex contractual and tort claims.  

Textile Rubber & Chemical Co., Inc. v. Thermo-Flex Technologies, Inc., 301 Ga. App. 491, 687 S.E. 2d 919 (2009) Issues: Anticipatory breach, warranties.

Azzouz v Prime Pediatrics, 296 Ga. App. 602, 675 S.E.2d 314 (2009).  Issues:  Preliminary restraining order, temporary injunction.  Restrictive covenants in an employment contract. 

State Farm Fire & Casualty Company v. Walnut Avenue Partners; Big B Cleaners, et al. v. State Farm Fire & Casualty Company; Walnut Avenue Partners, LLC v. State Farm Fire & Casualty Company, 296 Ga. App. 648, 675 S.E.2d 534 (2009).  Issues: Declaratory judgment, insurance coverage, construction of ambiguous exclusions against the insurer.

Multivision Northwest v Jerrold Electronics, 356 F.Supp. 207, 13 UCC Rep. Serv. 1013 (1972), U.S.D.C., N.D. Ga. Product liability litigation.

State Farm Fire & Casualty Insurance Company v Edward L. White, et al., 777 F.Supp. 952 (1991).  Declaratory judgment litigation regarding coverage pursuant to "advertising injury" provisions of commercial insurance contract. 

More Appellate Cases Coming Soon

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