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We represent multiple carpet distributors, carpet backing companies, synthetic turf manufacturers, and other floorcovering manufacturers and distributors.  We have experience in litigating the technical areas of the floorcovering industry as well as navigating the Uniform Commercial Code, warranty disputes, product liability issues, and employment disputes.

We have handled multiple six-figure and seven-figure disputes concerning highly technical areas of carpet and synthetic turf manufacturing, and we stay apprised of changes in the floorcovering industry. 

Floorcovering and Synthetic Turf Appellate Cases

Synthetic Turf

Appellate Practice - Floorcovering and Synthetic Turf

Hawthorne Industries v Balfour Maclaine International, Ltd., 676 F.2d 1395,33 UCC Rep.Serv. 1339 (1982).  Commercial dispute implicating lost profits. 

Armstrong Cork Company v World Carpets, Inc., et al., 76 F.R.D. 613, 198 U.S.P.Q. 526 (1977), 448 F.Supp. 1072, 199 U.S.P.Q. 30 (1978); 597 F.2d 496, 203 U.S.P.Q. 19 (1979).  Trademark and declaratory judgment litigation.

More Appellate Cases Coming Soon

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