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We represent clients on a selective basis in professional malpractice actions against doctors, nurses, hospitals, nursing homes, accountants, engineers, and attorneys.  We pride ourselves in holding professionals accountable to provide services consistent with the standard of their profession.  In recent years, we have collected multiple six-figure and seven-figure settlements and results on behalf of clients who have been harmed physically, emotionally, or financially by professional malpractice. 

We are also among the few attorneys in Georgia who routinely handle medical malpractice cases on behalf of both injured plaintiffs and defendant doctors.  As a result, we have a broad range of experience and a unique perspective in medical malpractice actions. 

Professional Malpractice Appellate Cases

Professional Malpractice

Appellate Practice - Professional Malpractice

Houston v. Bedgood, 263 Ga. App. 139, 588 S.E.2d 437 (2004). Issues: Medical malpractice case against physician by non-patient barred.

Esener v. Kinsey, 240 Ga. App. 21, 522 S.E.2d 522 (1999).  Issues:  Medical malpractice.  Fraud tolls statute of limitations and statute of repose.

More Appellate Cases Coming Soon 

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